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If you would like a portrait done please send your favorite detailed picture exactly like you would want it. If there is to be more than one person/pet, send one picture each as well as a photo showing the size difference of each person next to each other (so no one gets an abnormally large head). Let me know what size you want as well as what medium ( pencil, acrylic etc.), and if there is a certain event (birthday) that it needs to be done by. Prices will be agreed upon commission.



For this portrait the picture of the man was very large, clear, and detailed. However the woman's picture was fuzzy, small and lacking the details that reveal personality...and it shows.


(And yes, I know spatially a woman who is in front of a man can't wear a hat that goes behind him. But they wanted the drawing to have large heads, and they required that she be in a hat so... there you have it.)






For this portrait the photo I used to draw it from was clear and detailed.