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I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ. I have a report card from elementary school telling my mom that I needed to let the other kids draw their own illustrations, and I can actually remember a line of kids at my desk wanting me to draw for them. I remember teaching drawing lessons during recess and a friend of mine says I charged him $2... but I don't recall that. I won first place in the Halloween drawing contest (against all of the grades) for 3 different years when I was in Elementary. In junior high I won the Seminary Art contest and got a ring out of it. I was in the Advanced Placement Studio Art class in High School. All of my pieces that were displayed at the AZ Youth Artfest won awards there. I've won honorable mention and the prestigious Presidential Honors award when I exhibited at the Arizona State Fair my Senior year of High School. I've completed almost 3 years at MCC where I'm majoring in Fine Art. I've also had paintings displayed at the Dobson Ranch Library. I'm currently a member of the Mesa Art League.


I married my High School crush (we weren't exactly sweethearts. He was my brother's friend and I asked him out ONCE in High School), and we have two awesome kiddos! I love being a mom! I also love reading and writing novels, along with horseback riding, camping, music, sports, board games, spending time with my wonderful family and squeezing in art when I can!